4 Things to Know Before Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

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The choice to hire an immigration attorney can be difficult, especially if you’ve never encountered one before. How do you know it’s essential to work with an attorney? How will you find the right person? Is the expertise worth the cost?


Here are four things you should know before hiring an immigration lawyer:

The Role of an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration attorney is responsible for interpreting complex immigration law, which can be difficult to understand even for the most experienced immigrants. These professionals have spent years of their lives dedicated to helping prospective immigrants, undocumented immigrants and permanent residents obtain or maintain legal status.


Your immigration attorney will help you meet deadlines, ensure you don’t make common mistakes, assist in collecting important information and explain every step of the process in detail. They will also stand up for your rights fiercely — in a way that, it sometimes seems, no one else will.

Common Practice Areas

There are many, many problems an immigration lawyer can help solve. Some of their most popular roles include:


  • Helping prospective immigrants apply for and obtain the correct visa
  • Helping undocumented immigrants along the path to legal status
  • Helping documented immigrants maintain their status
  • Helping documented immigrants obtain a green card
  • Helping permanent residents become citizens
  • Helping newly married couples navigate the green card process
  • Protecting undocumented immigrants from deportation
  • Protecting documented immigrants from detainment
  • Protecting immigrants from illegal search and seizure


An immigration attorney can also explain the difference between visa options, assist in making travel plans, and ensure your rights are protected while you remain in the U.S.

Consequences of Going Alone

If you refuse to hire an immigration attorney, you could face a variety of consequences. Without someone to fight for you, you could be unlawfully detained, deported, or robbed of your legal status.


It may also be difficult to understand the process and requirements involved in obtaining a green card or becoming a citizen. It’s easy to read along, but articles alone can’t walk you through the complexities of immigration law. 


With an experienced attorney, you’ll have peace of mind that you aren’t missing any of the vital steps required to stay legal and safe in the U.S.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Thinking about hiring an immigration attorney? Here are some questions you should ask before making a final decision:



There is nothing wrong with shopping around until you’ve found the most experienced and qualified immigration attorney in town who you click with. Keep in mind that it’s helpful to find  a professional local to your area. This allows for easy accessibility should you be detained. The faster the response, the better the outcome.

Contact an Experienced Oakland County Immigration Attorney for Representation

Has the time come to contact an immigration attorney for assistance in your or a loved one’s path to legal status or citizenship? Do you have questions that need professional answers? For representation, contact our team of professionals at Dallo Law in Oakland County by calling (248) 283-7000.

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