4 Ways a Drug Conviction Can Impact Your Future

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A drug conviction can have a serious impact on your life — chiefly through potential jail time. But what many people don’t consider are the long-term ramifications of the conviction. There are, after all, many consequences that have nothing to do with the legal system.


In many ways, these consequences can prove more debilitating than the initial jail sentence. They include:

Missed Employment Opportunities

It’s rare for employers to hire a candidate without first conducting a background check — even if they trust the candidate’s skills and work experience. It’s important for businesses to know who is working for them, as it can impact their reputation and financial bottom line.


Fortunately, some employers are willing to hire candidates with a nonviolent criminal background. Still, certain industries like law enforcement, legal practice, nursing, and those requiring day-to-day contact with minors will likely be barred to you forever, regardless of your work experience and professional training.


Difficulty finding a job is an extremely common problem for men and women reintegrating themselves into everyday society after serving jail time. A probation officer may be able to assist you on this front, but it’s also important to be upfront with employers from the beginning. Honesty can go a long way to securing a stable position.

Decreased Loan Eligibility

You would not think a criminal record would have any bearing on your ability to obtain a loan; but you’d be wrong. Having a record can actually result in immediate denial when you apply for loans through third-party organizations or the federal government.


It can be very difficult to start a new life when you cannot secure the money to do it. Specific loans affected extend to mortgages and automobiles, as well as student loans.

Child Custody

If you are currently embroiled in an intense child custody battle, a drug conviction will almost certainly be your downfall. It is likely that your character and ability to care for a child will be questioned because of your criminal history.


While this might seem unfair, there are few things left on the cutting room floor when it comes to arguments in a child custody battle. A drug conviction could also mar your chances at adoption in the future.

Housing Opportunities

Not only will you find it difficult to obtain a mortgage, but you will also face challenges when it comes to rentals. More and more landlords are conducting background checks on their tenants to ensure a safe environment for all residents.


Many of these communities have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of criminal record. There are, however, a limited number of landlords that will consider the type of charge on your record — and an extremely small number accept most everyone, as long as their offense was nonviolent.


Other potential long-term consequences of a drug conviction include asset forfeiture (if you were arrested for drug manufacturing or drug possession with intent to distribute), public access to your criminal record both in-person and online, and a severely damaged reputation throughout your community.

Get a Professional Defense for Drug Charges

Everyone has made a mistake at some point in their life — but that does not mean they should not have a future. For assistance in building a professional defense to avoid a drug conviction, contact Dallo Law, PC in Oakland County at (248) 283-7000. 

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