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Are you dealing with an immigration issue involving yourself or a family member? If so, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation. Immigration law is a vast legal area and the United States is a difficult country in which to navigate immigration issues. In addition, all immigration cases involve a completely different set of circumstances. What is easy for one person may be extremely complex for another. Without professional help, you may not get the outcome you are looking for.


I am Attorney J. Dallo and I can help you through issues regarding immigration, visas, deportation, and citizenship. I fully understand the stress these issues can cause and will work hard to take most, if not all, of the burden off you and your family. If you need someone to represent you in court, then I will fight hard to protect your rights and achieve an outcome that benefits you and your family. I have a strong reputation within the court system of Oakland County and also have the experience needed to provide solutions for any immigration problem.

Services I Can Help You With

Whether you need help with something minor like a citizenship application or are facing a serious setback like deportation, I can help. I have been practicing immigration law since the very beginning of my legal career and have seen all manner of cases, which means I know which approach works best for each situation. I can provide legal assistance for the following:


  • Deportation defense
  • Waivers
  • Family-based immigration issues
  • Green cards
  • 601 and 601A
  • I-485
  • Citizenship applications
  • I-130
  • Marriage visas
  • Relative visas 
  • Fiance visas 


When you hire me, you can rest assured I will not hand your case off to another attorney or have a paralegal handle the paperwork. I make it a point to see each case through myself.

Why Hiring Me Is Better Than Doing it Yourself

Many people feel like they can research their immigration issue online and do all the work themselves. Unfortunately, this can end negatively. In fact, incorrectly attempting to get a visa or waiver can actually make things much worse. On the other hand, when you work with me, there are a number of benefits that I will bring to the table. Remember, this is a very complex and expansive area of the law.  

Errors Can Set You Back

One of the primary reasons people fail when trying to handle their immigration issue themselves is errors involving paperwork and procedures. Filling out and filing documents is imperative. This paperwork is highly detailed and exhaustive. A single problem could result in rejection or cause you to have to wait much longer than necessary. As an immigration attorney, I know exactly what documents are required and how to fill them out and file them successfully. I also stay up to date on any changes to immigration laws or processes.

You Will Know Your Options

If you are dealing with a serious issue such as deportation or family-based immigration, then it is important you understand all your options. There may be a much easier way to get something done than what you have been led to believe. In addition, these issues sometimes require urgent action. I can provide you with every possible option for your case and advise you on which route to take. My intimate knowledge of immigration law will be your biggest asset. Trying to handle the issue without knowing the intricacies of the law will likely result in a negative outcome.

Filing Appeals

If your visa or petition is denied, then you still have options. Appealing the denial is a way to get a second chance. However, this is a very complex process that requires legal expertise. I can help ensure your appeal is handled correctly and that your rights are not being violated. I do not back down when things get complicated and will see that your case is re-opened.  

I Can Fight for Your Rights

Immigration is a sensitive matter in the United States right now. Many non-citizens are having their rights violated when it comes to entering the country and deportation. If something goes wrong, I can advocate on your behalf. I understand the law and processes surrounding USCIS and enforcement. I am not afraid to fight for your rights in a court of law. Regardless of your status, your rights are still a top priority and you deserve protection from legal violations

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Peace of mind is invaluable when dealing with an immigration issue. The last thing you want is to lie awake at night wondering if a visa, petition, or green card will be approved. I can provide peace of mind through expert immigration representation. I have the experience and knowledge needed to effectively help you get the desired outcome for you and your family. Contact me at (248) 283-7000 today to discuss your case.

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